Emergency assistance

In the event of difficulties in using the service, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible with the customer’s assistance for the appropriate checks (infoSDIR@teleborsa.it- Tel +39 06 86502400).

If it is still impossible to use the EMARKET platform, to comply with the information requirements regarding the dissemination of regulated announcement, in the timeframe provided by current legislation, and with particular reference to the communication obligations of "inside information", we recall the use of the alternative procedure to the SDIR (cd "emergency procedure") which provides: the sending of the announcement to (i) Consob via pec at consob@pec.consob.it, to (ii) Borsa Italiana via email at info.lcs@euronext.com and to (iii) three news agencies, one of which is European in character and two of which is distributed nationally, with the receipt being retained. As soon as possible, in order to complete the fulfilment of the regulatory information obligations, it will also be necessary to upload/disseminate the communiqué published with the "emergency procedure" on the SDIR platform, specifying in the title and in the text field the date and time of the first broadcast (ie "title"- press release issued on the date of the month yyyy-hours hh:mm).